Ladies’ Day will only be cancelled by the ProShop if conditions do not allow play or there is severe weather imminent OR by your Captain and Vice Captain if the weather is deemed to be too adverse for golf – a light rain that is not expected to persist is not necessarily a reason to cancel Ladies’ Day.

If you are unsure if golf will go ahead please check your email and the Ladies League website before calling the ProShop – we will try to make a decision at least 1 hr. before the first tee time and advise the ProShop.

If golf is cancelled that week’s prize money will be held for our year end closing.

If golf is started but weather does not permit everyone to get at least 9 holes in (for the 9 & 18 holers) the names of all those who started will be put in a hat and a draw made for that week’s prize money.

If golf is started and 9 holes completed by everyone (18 hole group) before weather affects the game, the Captain & Vice Captain may determine the game prizes will be awarded as a 9 hole event. This is a Captain, Vice Captain & Games convener’s decision as to reducing play.