Today will be an all in scramble. All players drive, choose the best drive and all players play from there until the ball is on the green.

Today’s game will be to count the number of putts it takes for your team to hole the ball. Each member of the team will attempt the first putt. If unsuccessful each member will attempt the second putt. If the ball is not holed with in 5 such attempts pick up the ball and score 5x for putts on your scorecard.

Shotgun Start 1:00 PM

Hole #1

Linda Hartley, Sheilagh Manuel, Trish Dwyer, Nancy Wilkie

Hole #2A

Janie Duggan, Cathy Ashton, Linda Richardson, Cathy Fobert

Hole #2B

Gayle Johnson, Micheline Lalonde, Nancy L Macdonald, Carole Clarke

Hole #3

Anne Chapman, Jackie Nesbitt, Nina Greene, Bonnie Crews

Hole #4A

Nancy Lewis, Anne Moore, Brenda Carrick, Sandy Smelser

Hole #4B

Brenda Wartman, Vernanne Ahern, Erika Dilworth, Younghi Park

Hole #5

Sheila Chiarandini, Norma Ferguson, Danielle St Jean, Cindy Roantree

Hole #6

Harolyn Shewfelt, Darlene Boucher, Nancy P Macdonald

Hole #7

Kathy Pickel, Kelly Roantree, Debbie Cho

9 hole group starting on Hole #1

2:50 pm

Dora Burke, Barb Dumont, Candace McConomy

3:00 pm

Doreen Bates, Phyllis Donaghy, Yvonne Henderson

3:10 pm

Cathy Tackabery, Karen Gemmill, Lisa Castonguay