Count all your putts once you reach the putting surface. Putts from the fringe do not count. If you pick up on a hole take your ball to the farthest point on the green from the pin and putt from there.

18 Hole Draw

8:50 am Bonnie Crews and Nina Greene (Match), Cathy Ashton, Maxine Fraser

9:00 am Vernanne Ahern, Nancy Lewis, Ella Hillier, Cindy Roantree

9:10 am Micheline Lalonde, Harolyn Shewfelt, Debbie Cho, Brenda Carrick

9:20 am Kathy Pickel, Joyce Friesen, Younghi Park

9:30 am Sandy Smelser, Nancy L Macdonald, Danielle St Jean, Jackie Nesbitt

9:40 am Trish Dwyer, Nancy P Macdonald, Margaret Wheatley, Linda Kitz

9:50 am Darlene Boucher, Linda Hartley, Barb Harmer, Mary Beresford

10:00 am Linda Richardson, Erika Dilworth, Carole Clarke, Gayle Johnson

9 Hole Draw

10:10 am Dora Burke, Cathy Tackabery, Candace McConomy, Diane Berlet

10:20 am Phyllis Donaghy, Mireille Fraser, Doreen Bates