Loyalist Ladies League Games

BINGO-BANGO-BONGO – Play your game. On each hole 3 points are available. One for FIRST ON THE GREEN. One for CLOSEST TO THE HOLE (once everyone is on the green). One for FIRST IN THE HOLE.

STEP ASIDE SCRAMBLE- All players tee off. The best drive is chosen and the person who hit that ball seps aside while all the other players take the next shot. Continue this format until reaching the green then all players may putt (the ball must be on the putting surface) Use 2 drives per person for 18 holes and 1 drive per person for 9 holes. 3 person teams will take an extra drive on a rotating basis so that they will have 4 drives to chose from. All players will take the next shot until reaching the green then the person who hit the extra drive will take the extra putt so that they have 4 chances to hole the putt.

PAR 4’s NET SCORE- Play your own game. At the end of the round your total Net score from the Par 4’s will be your score for the game.

PUTT AWAY- Play your own game. Points will be awarded for putts. 1 putt- 3pts. 2 putts- 2pts. 3 putts- 1 pt. Chip in 4 pts. All putts counted are from the putting surface ( if you putt from the fringe and it goes in, it’s a chip in) If you pick up at your maximum put your ball on the green at the farthest place from the pin and putt from there. Highest point score wins.

FIELD SHOTS- Play your own game. Keep record of putts and subtract them from your score to get number of field shots. Then subtract full handicap.

2 PERSON ALTERNATE SHOTS- Players will be paired up in teams of 2. All players tee off. The best ball for your two-person team is chosen and the player who did not hit the drive chosen will play the next shot. The team will alternate until the ball is holed out.

LOW NET PLUS PUTTS-Play your own game. Keep each player’s Gross score and putts. We will do the calculations for identifying the winners.

FAIRWAYS-Play your own game. If your drive lands on the fairway you get 5 points, if not you get 3 points. Once on the green subtract 1 point for every putt. This continues for every hole. On par 3’s you get 5 pts for landing on the fairway or the green. If you miss both it’s 3pts. If you pick up on a hole you get 0 pts for that hole.

ONE BEST BALL ONE BEST PUTT- Play your own game. Your team score is determined by using the best score on a hole plus the least number of putts (example- your lowest team score on a hole is 4 and the least number of putts by a player is 1 your team score is 5) Your best score and best putts can not be from the same player on a hole. Add the score at the end of the round for your team score.

4 PERSON SCRAMBLE- All players tee off. Choose one drive. All hit from there, continuing through until the ball is holed out. You must use 2 drives from each player. 1 on the front and 1 on the back for the 18-hole league. 1 each for the 9-hole ladies.

STABLEFORD- Play your own game. Points are awarded for net scores. 1pt- bogey, 2pts- par, 3pts-birdie, 4pts- eagle, 6pts-hole in one.

MYSTERY HOLES- Play your own game. At the end of the round 4 holes from the front 9 and 4 holes from the back 9 with be randomly chosen by the Pro shop staff to determine which holes are going to count for your score that day.

BLIND PARTNERS- Play your own game. Your net score will be used. A draw will be made to determine who your partners is for the round. You will not know during the round. Combined net scores will determine the winners.

2 PERSON BETTER BALL- Play your own game. You will be paired up with a partner for the game. You each keep your own score the best net score on each hole will be your team score.

COLORED BALLS- Play your own game. Rotating through your group with the colored ball in the same order for the round. The team score is the colored ball score on each hole. If the colored ball is lost any time during the round, the group is out of the running. If all groups lose the colored ball before the round is over we will go back to the group who got the most holes in with the colored ball.

2 PERSON SCRAMBLE ODD/EVEN- Choose before the round which player is teeing off on the even and odd holes. After each player drives the ball both players play from that drive. Continue the hole playing from the best shot until the ball is holed out.

2CLUBS & A PUTTER- Play your own game. You must choose before the round 2 clubs and your putter to use for the entire round. Leave all other clubs in your car or at home.