Our game this week is BINGO, BANGO, BONGO. 3 points are up for grabs on each hole: 1st on, closest to the hole and first in the hole. Don’t worry, we will have one in each group keeping your game score. Have a fun day!

18 hole ladies

9:50 am Harolyn Shewfelt, Joyce Freisen, Ella Hillier

10:00 am Trish Dwyer, Rose Hulme, Nancy MacDonald, Brenda Wartman

10:10 am Brenda Carrick, Micheline Lalonde, Janie Duggan

10:20 am Linda Hartley, Sandy Smelser, Dawn Hoskins, Bonny Mitchell

10:30 am Cindy Roantree, Lorene Reid, Cathy Ashton, Vernanne Ahern

9 hole ladies

10:40 am Elaine Jackson, Yvonne Henderson, Norma Ferguson, Cathy Tackaberry

10:50 am Dora Burke, Diane Berlet, Phyllis Donaghy

11:00 am Maxine Fraser, Mary Beresford, Nancy Wilke, Candace McConomy