Welcome To The 2016 PGA Money Earnings Pool

GOLF POOL RULES — 2016-02-25

Welcome to the 1st annual Loyalist Golf Course PGA Tour Money Race Pool.

This year the pool will start at the Masters and will run through the Tour Championship ending Sept 25th, 2016.  Bonus Fedex Cup Money will not be counted. All entries must be received by midnight Wednesday April 6th, 2016. Only money earned at or after the Masters and up to and including the Tour Championship will count.

Selection Process:

Choose two players from each section.  Players are arranged in groupings based on World Rankings.  Choose only players on the selection list as no other players can be added.  You may enter as many teams as you like.

The cost for this year’s pool is $20 per team.  $5 per entry will be directed to this year’s charity, Leave the Streets Behind.   $15 per team will go directly into the prize pot. Prize breakdown will be determined by the number of entries.  There will also be monthly prizes as well.

Entries may be paid by; cash, cheque, credit card or house account. Please contact Geoff James, geoff@loyalistcc.com  or Lacy at admin@loyalistcc.com  to arrange for payment.  Deadline for payment will be the Monday after the Masters, April 11th, 2016 at 4pm. All entries not paid in full by this point will be removed from the pool.

This year our pool is being powered by Easy Office Pools.  Please click the link below and enter.

Pool ID: 7550
Password: loyalistpga