* Important *

Due to the aerating of the course, we will be playing the front nine twice.  There are two scorecards per team for each nine holes.  Your handicaps have been adjusted to nine holes.  

As it is the last Tuesday, there will be only one game  🙂     No closest to the pin.


Step Aside scramble – instructions attached to scorecards

1:00 pm scramble

2A : Janie Dugan, Kelly Roantree, Doreen Bates, Jackie Nesbitt

2B : Nancy MacDonald, Danielle St. Jean, Brenda Wartman, Catherine Rolph

3A: Sandy Smelser, Trish Dwyer, Young Hi Park, Cindy Roantree

3B: Vernanne Ahern, Dora Burke, Donna Cowle, Gayle Johnson

#4: Diane Berlet, Joan Carstairs, Anne Chapman, Adele Swinwood

#5: Darlene Boucher, Donna McGreer, Cathy Tackaberry, Anne Moore

#6: Brenda Carrick, Linda Hartley, Harolyn Shewfelt, Kathy Pickel

#7: Joyce Friesen, Mary Buchanan, Gail Shook, Carol Bromfield

8A: Carolina Arrieta, Cathy Ashton, Mary Beresford, Linda Richardson

8B: Maxine Fraser, Pam Power, Nancy Wilkie, Micheline Lalonde

9A: Carol Clarke, Bonnie Crews, Rina Gilmore, Nancy Lewis

9B: Linda Archambault, Yvonne Ward, Brenda Roud, Cathy Fobert



01# – Mireille Fraser, Anne Jukes-Hughes

01B # – Jenny Pearson, Paulette Towner, Dorothy Hunt